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Zoloti Vorota - The Golden Gate

The Golden Gate Museum is one of the oldest edifices of Kiev dating back to Yoroslav The Wise. It was originally one of the many southern gates of the city and after the construction of St Sophia cathedral, it became the main entry point into Kiev. Yoroslav The Wise ordered to built a church on top of the gate and because of its golden dome chronicles consistently referred to it as the Golden Gate. It is 8 meters wide, 12 meters high and 25 meters long.

The Golden Gate was in use for 500 years and by the 17th century it was nothing more than a quaint ruin destroyed by erosion and invasions. One could, however, still see the remains of the church as it was depicted on a 1651 drawing by Deutsch painter Wersterfeld. A century later, the gate was covered with soil and as years went by, the monument fell into oblivion. It wasn't until the 1832 excavations that the gate was rediscovered. The following year, attempts to reconstruct the original appearance of the structure were undertaken. Several architects were involved, carefully studying ancient drawings and descriptions, and the uncovered ruins.

1982 marked the opening of the restored Golden Gate, celebrating the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. In the building, visitors will find a museum dedicated to the history of the monument. And, surrounding the Golden Gate, a garden makes for a pleasant stroll.


Zoloti Vorota is one of the most beautiful subway stations of the capital. Be sure to check it out!
And keep in mind that the museum if closed in winter.

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