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Water Museum

The Museum of Water or the Water Information Center sits on a hill located in a picturesque part of Kiev's center. The museum includes the water towers and reservoirs. It's part of the natural and cultural center, now known as the Park "Kreschaty." Formerly known as the Royal Garden it was founded in 1743 by order of the Empress Elizabeth, making it a majestic landmark of the Ukrainian baroque era.

The park is very popular among locals and visitors. It is well known for its beautiful landscapes, its large number of survey sites and the "Bridge of Love". The old water towers and reservoirs were renovated in 2003, thus constituting the first Ukrainian Water Information Center.

The main goal of the Center is to increase understanding of global and local environmental issues and to increase public awareness about some of the problems that can be solved. The Water Information Center is a non-standard research lab in which the main focus is geared towards new approaches to environmental issues, experiments and demonstration models to showcase the possible changes in the structure of water use and consumption.

Visitors have the opportunity to use all their senses and work with the items on display in order to understand their relationships to the environment and to find ways to use modern technology.

The museum actively involves those who are interested in water-related issues and the information dissemination process, and advises as to how the individual citizen can contribute to solving water-related issues.

The Center is designed in such a way as to allow visitors to focus on a particular issue as they stroll through the spaces of the museum. Each space is dedicated to a specific effort, namely:
1) nature - above and below ground;
2) intake, training and supplies;
3) water consumption and wastewater;
4) treatment of waste water treatment and discharge into the environment.


The museum is located in a picturesque park where you can enjoy a nice pick-nick.

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