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The National Museum of Ukrainian History

The National Museum of Ukrainian History began its operations with the 1899 archaeological exhibition as the Museum of Antiquities and Arts. The first years of the museum were very difficult as it lacked sustainable funding sources, but thanks to the donations of its supporters, by 1909 the museum counted over 30,000 exhibits in its collection. During WWI, many experienced workers were drafted into the army and the activity of the museum slowed down. Following the events of October 1917, the collection began to be increasingly filled with valuable exhibits, mainly due to the nationalization of private collections. With the revival of the Ukrainian state in the years 1917–1919, the value of the museum increased as an ideological and educational organization, and after the establishment of the Soviet power in Ukraine, the museum was declared state property and it became the first state museum in 1919. In 1934–1935, the museum was reorganized, renamed after Taras Shevchenko, and moved to the Pechersk Lavra area. During WWII, the most valuable and unique exhibits were evacuated to the city of Ufa, however, a large part of the collection was taken by the Nazsi. After the liberation of Kiev, the museum reopened and established itself in the premises of the former art school at its current address. Today, the museum reflects, preserves and promotes Ukraine's historical and cultural heritage covering a period that spans from 4000 BC to the 20th century. During their visit, visitors can get acquainted with unique archaeological, numismatic and ethnographic collections. They include rare weapons, manuscripts, incunabula, paintings and drawings, and relics of the national-democratic and social revolutions of the twentieth century.


Considering the large number of exhibits on display, it might be a good idea to bring along a snack and something to drink as it will take you some time to get through the different exhibitions.

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