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One Street Museum

One Street Museum is a little charming museum located on Andrew's Descent, Kiev's historic street, where you'll find a plethora of crafts shops, galleries, cafés and museums. One Street Museum serves as a chronicle of the Descent. Indeed, the number of artists, politicians, scholars, writers and other interesting people who lived on this street is rather impressive.

The collection counts some 6,000 exhibits, among which figure a large number of antiques such as historical documents, antique books, furniture, paintings, clothes and memorabilia that immerse visitors in a nostalgic atmosphere where much attention is devoted to unraveling the stories, secrets and urban legends pertaining to the outstanding residents of the Descent, namely authors Tyutyunnyk and Bulgakov, painters Makushenko and Dyadchenko, the priest Glagolev, scientists Titov and Golubov, and sculptors Kavaleridze and Balavensky. In addition to the attention given to the people who spent some time on this street, several exhibitions focus on some of the most remarkable buildings of the area such as the St Andrew's Church and the Castle of Richard Lion Heart.

In 2002, One Street Museum was nominated for the European Museum Forum — an international organization under the auspices of the European Council and under the patronage of Queen Fabiola of Belgium. The museum remains the only Ukrainian museum to have participated in the Forum.


The One Street Museum is near the Bugalkov Museum and the Saint Andrew's Church so you can pack the visit of several sights together.

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