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Saxon Club/Saxon клуб

Saxon Club is one of Kiev's oldest night clubs. Situated at some distance from the city center in the south of Kiev this venue is frequented by mostly locals. It is open seven days a week, and is a good alternative to the major clubs of the center on Mondays and Tuesdays as they often open their gates only on weekends. At the Saxon you can expect solid student clubbing and get hammered without paying too much for your drinks.
The Saxon might not exude the glitz and glam of many other Kiev night clubs but it's got its own charm. With a decoration that seems to be borrowed from a museum displaying medieval artifacts you might come to think of yourself as a king's in a castle once you've entered the venue. The music, however, is more than up-do-date as it's played by DJ's who know what they're doing. The dance floor, overlooked from an amphitheater-shaped lounge, quickly fills as night falls. Don't worry about dehydration while dancing: the rectangular bar is placed in the midst of the dance floor. And with the moderate prices you should be able to keep your fluid balance stable.


If you like straight, solid partying without too much pomp and glitz, then Saxon Club is for you!

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