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Mai Tai Lounge Kiev/Май-Тай Лаунж Киев

The Mai Tai Lounge Kiev, which belongs to the big American restaurant chain Trader Vic's, only opened in May 2011. So the most impressive thing about it is its modern and original design. Already from the outside you'll have to admit it is worth a lot of attention. Two huge wooden statues (Polynesian Tikis as described on the website) are guarding the entrance. The interior is quite hip. Everything is in Polynesian style.

The cuisine is also from South-Eastern Asia. You can try Polynesian, Thai, and Japanese cuisine (and European for those who rather stick with what they know). You have to try their sushi, it's a delight! It's so delicious you'll lick your fingers! It comes in decent servings floating on a water stream around the bar, which is a curiosity of its own. The food and drinks are clearly above normal Kiev prices but still manageable. The cocktail menu is overwhelming. The variety of drinks is vast and as far as we can say they are all good. Will definitely come back and try the others!

The parties are crazy and always fun. People seem to want to do the awsome design justice.


The Mai Tai Lounge is one of the coolest nightlife spots in Kiev! Since it's still relatively new, it's not too overcrowded. Unlike most of the city's night clubs….

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