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D*LUX is situated near the Dynamo Stadium in the upper center of Kiev. It is a very large dance club with an adjacent bar and restaurant. With over 26,910 square feet it offers space for up to 1,000 party seekers. The venue also hosts multiple events and concerts of artists from all over the world. Admission and bar prices are clearly above Kiev average but a night of clubbing at D*LUX is worth it.

D*LUX is definitely worth an experience. The first floor sports a very classy bar and restaurant with plenty of tables to sit, chat, and eat. The summer terrace is an attraction in itself – if you don't mind spending a few more hrywnjas. The food is excellent and the atmosphere almost idyllic with birds singing and fresh breezes cooling the hot summer air. The view over Mariyinsky Park is just magnificent and offers a surprisingly peaceful break from the busy hustle and bustle of the metropolis around you. It's the ideal place for a romantic dinner or a classy night out with friends.

The club itself offers everything you could possibly want. D*LUX clearly lives up to its name. It is one of Kiev's classiest night clubs if not THE classiest. So make sure you're dressed appropriately – smart is the dress code! As in many of the city's clubs, face control is applied and it's probably even stricter than in other venues. Once you made your way in, you're well compensated for your efforts. The interior design is very elegant and Kiev's young and famous mingle with beautiful women. On the second floor, you will find a dance club with an excellent sound system and great DJs. Hot go go's do their best to heat up the atmosphere. Internationally renowned DJ's combined with a state-of-the-art sound system do what they can to heat up your spirits. However, all this is not exactly for every wallet as the cover charge and drinks are well above Kiev standards.


Compared to other Kiev clubs, there are pleasantly fewer "lazy-girls" around.

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