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Avalon Entertainment Complex/ Aвалон розважальний комплекс

The Avalon Entertainment Complex is situated in the center of Kiev, not far from metro stations Teatralna or Universytet. The Avalon Entertainment Complex is a four story building with the Avalon Lounge Bar on the bottom level, the Ajour Stereo-Disco-Club (also Azhur) on the first floor, the Vocal Restaurant Pavlin (pavlin/павлін – peacock) on the second floor, and the Avalon casino on the third floor. The whole complex has recently been modernized and offers great amusement all week long.

The decoration of the Azhur is rather crazy. Glowing steampunk costumes dance among models in bikinies, sort of the Ukrainian version of Burning Man in a box. If you happen to go there on a thursday night, which is ladies' night, and you are a girl, you won't have to pay any entry fee and you will be able to enjoy the male striptease! You have to like it, though. The dance floor is closed for men during that time so most of them wander off to gamble in the adjoining casino. All in all, it's fun but you can't have it too often.

The Pavlin restaurant offers more than 20 different kinds of fish that will be prepared according to your specifications. The menu also lists mollusk, clams, oysters and shrimps. For those who are not particularly into fish, there is a wide choice of beef, veal, pork, mutton, elk, deer, roe, pheasant, ostrich, black-cock and mallard dishes. Be prepared though, the interior is more than kitsch and strange, and the restaurant is a karaoke bar at the same time! Although that might not be for everyone, it is an experience.

The Avalon lounge bar is definitely a place to hang in Kiev! It is decorated in some kind of lost tropical island with a jungle, and in winter it is really crowded so a reservation is needed if you want a table. It is a very nice place to have coffee or tea and chat with your friends. Afterwards you can go gambling or dancing in the casino and club that are located in the same building.


The music in the club is incredibly loud. So bring hearing protection if you are very sensible.

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