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Arena Entertainment is situated in the very center of Kiev, in Basseinaya Street. It is located just opposite the PichukArtCentre, which its a must see for every tourist in Kiev! So, after visiting the Pichuk, you don't have to walk far to find something to eat and then party. It is a four story complex offering all sorts of entertainment. Next to a night club, a karaoke bar, a casino, and a cabaret there are several restaurants and bars where you can get decent food. The Arena Beer House even serves its own home brewed beer. Prices are rather above Kiev average.

The Arena is mostly known for its nightly events and clubs. But you can also find a casino, and many bars and restaurants such as a sushi bar or the Arena Beer House, where you can try four home brewed beer types. There is also a sports bar that partially belongs to the Klitchko brothers who sometimes make an appearance. So if you are fans, you can hope to see them. However, don't be disappointed if they don't show, they are quite busy after all. It is often quite crowded but you can be lucky and get one of the few tables. Customers can eat at the bar, too, it's comfortable enough. The food is normal pub food — burgers, steaks, fries, etc. Nothing special but decent servings and tasty. All in all, this place is recommendable, especially if you like sports: the big screens on the wall show all kinds of important sports events!

If you are heading for a special girls' night out, Martini Terrace is definitely the place to go! It is very chic and elegant. It is located on the third floor of the Arena Entertainment complex. The food is quite exquisite – try the veal, the seafood or the foie gras! The atmosphere is rather calm and classy due to live music and the exclusive interior design.
Tip: If you enjoy looking at the artwork displayed on the walls, all objects can be purchased.

If you are spending some time in Kiev and are looking for a place to party, Arena Dance Club is definitely worth a try. It is the place to see and to be seen. The entry fee is almost $20 and not everybody gets to get in. So make sure you're dressed appropriately and haven't had too much to drink before. The drinks are quite pricey but the possibility of meeting all kinds of Ukrainian and Russian celebrities makes up for it. After all, the Arena is one of Kiev's first night clubs and disposes of a big VIP area.
Men will get their money's worth: pretty dancers are heating up the vibes and the atmosphere of glitter and glamour attracts all kinds of beautiful girls. But beware, the generally wealthy clientele of mostly native businessmen and expats also draws in Kiev's high-end call girls and prostitutes. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is who…


On some summer nights the circular inner yard is transformed into an open air Concert Plaza.

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