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Ukrainian President passes law on national referendums

President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich signed a law on national referendums which the Verkhovna Rada had passed on November 6, 2012.

The bill makes it possible for a national referendum to approve and or to cancel amendments made to the constitution of Ukraine.

Referendums make it possible to render a decision on issues that are related to modifications on the territory of Ukraine.

The law was drafted to allow both Ukrainian citizens and the parliament to initiate a national referendum.

At least 3 million Ukrainian citizens in at least two thirds of the country are needed to initiate a referendum, and over one hundred thousand signatures must be collected in each of the regions.

The parliamentary minority stated that if the Verkhovna Rada fails to cancel the law, it plans to file a motion of appeal with the Ukrainian Constitutional Court.

The opposition stated that adopting the law would mean that following the parliamentary elections, the Constitutional Assembly would draft a bill to amend the constitution and initiate a national referendum that would approve amendments to the constitution.


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