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Kiev Metro

For sight-seeing in Kiev, the metro system is one of the most popular and easiest ways to traverse the city. Kiev metro is safe, well-lit, and generally clean, making riding a user-friendly experience even for travelers. While other public transportation exists, the Kiev metro is the most efficient and cost effective.

Construction of the first line began in 1960, and the Kiev metro is still expanding to meet increasing demands. At present, there are three lines in operation with 50 stations, and two lines under construction. The three lines are laid out in a triangle formation with 6 radii; all lines meet in the city center. With more than 40 miles of track, the Kiev metro provides access to almost the entire of the city, and was the first rapid transit system built in the Ukraine.

Carrying 38% of all public transportation in the city, the Kiev metro has over 600 cars to accommodate 1.4 million passengers each day. Travelers should take note that the Kiev metro system does shut down at 12:00 a.m., so those enjoying Kiev nightlife will need another form of transportation. However, the fare is approximately $0.25 for each ride, regardless of how many lines or stations you will be traveling. Plastic tokens or contact-less cards are accepted at all stations.

For destinations not accessible by the Kiev metro, the city has a wide array of other options. Busses, trams, trolleys, and the unusual Kiev funicular climbing the right bank of the Dnieper river, all provide transport throughout the city, even to residential areas. The taxi market is also expansive, but be warned that it is not adequately regulated and fare negotiation can be difficult for foreigners.

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