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Kiev Airport

Kiev Airport is the largest airport in Ukraine and receives the majority of the country’s international flights. A total of 43 foreign and eight domestic airlines serve the airport. Eighty-two international and 11 Ukrainian routes depart from and arrive at Kiev Airport. The airport accounts for 62 percent of the Ukrainian airplane passenger traffic.

The official name of Kiev Airport is Boryspil International Airport. It is located about 20 miles to the east of Kiev in Boryspil, a city of 55,000 people. The airport was formerly used as a military airfield before changing over to passenger traffic in 1959. It has grown significantly since then, as six million passengers traveled through the airport in 2008.

The primary airlines that serve Kiev Airport are Ukraine International Airlines and Aerosvit Airlines. Destinations for Ukraine International Airlines include major European cities in addition to African and Mideast destinations. In addition to these locations, Aerosvit Airlines flies to the United States and Asian countries such as China, India and Thailand. Several other airlines also fly to and from Kiev Airport, including British Airways.

Travel from the airport to Kiev is simple. A marshrutka, a shared taxi that is common in Ukraine and nearby countries, leaves the airport regularly and stops downtown at the Kiev Passenger Railway Station, the main train station in the city. A train line from Kiev Airport to downtown is expected to open in the spring of 2012 in time for Euro 2012 that summer.

There are three terminals at Kiev Airport, including a VIP terminal, with an additional terminal under construction and a fifth in the planning stages. Terminal B is the airport’s main terminal and serves all of the airport’s domestic flights. Terminal F serves as the home of Ukraine International Airlines. It also serves flights from 21 additional airlines. Terminal D, near completion, will be home to the majority of the airport’s international flights.

More information on Boryspil Airport can be found on the Official Homepage.

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