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  1. Ukrainian dance

    Ukrainian dance

    Ukrainian dance, in its traditional form, has its origins in the religion, culture and society of Ukraine’s early Slav inhabitants.… Read more
  2. Mariyinksy Palace

    Mariyinksy Palace

    Mariyinsky Palace is a top tourist attraction in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and is famous for being the home… Read more
  3. Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University

    Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University

    The Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University is the leading university of the Ukraine. Located in the capital city, Kiev, the… Read more
  4. Hidropark of Kiev

    Hidropark is a fantastic recreational centre and water-park situated on the Dnieper River in Kiev in the Ukraine. Spread over… Read more
  5. FC Arsenal Kiev

    The Football Club Arsenal Kiev, also known as the ‘Gunners’, currently compete in the Ukrainian Premier League under head coach,… Read more
  6. The Game of Chess in Ukraine

    The Game of Chess in Ukraine

    The game of chess is said to have originated in ancient India, during the rule of the Gupta Empire. Then… Read more
  7. Kazimir Malevich

    Kazimir Malevich

    The renowned avant-garde painter and art theorist, Kazimir Malevich, was born in 1878, near Kiev, Ukraine. His fame rests largely… Read more
  8. Flights to Kiev

    Flights to Kiev

    Kiev is undoubtedly the authentic gateway that leads from Eastern Europe into Ukraine, and with plenty of air flights to… Read more
  9. The Kiev Zoo

    The Kiev Zoo

    A trip to Kiev provides the opportunity to see some great sights, with the Kiev Zoo being one that any… Read more
  10. Kiev Summer Music Festival

    Kiev Summer Music Festival

    Kiev, the capital of the East European country Ukraine, is a large metropolis of three million and fascinates both tourists… Read more
  11. Spring in Kiev

    Spring in Kiev

    As the vernal equinox takes place, a blossoming vegetation, warmer temperatures and a burgeoning life spring up setting the stage… Read more
  12. Kiev in Winter

    Kiev in Winter

    Winter can be really hard in Kiev. And it is long. But Kiev can be magnificent when covered under a… Read more
  13. Ukrainian Food: Visit the Country and Taste the Flavors

    Ukrainian Food: Visit the Country and Taste the Flavors

    Those visiting the country can enjoy a nice variety of deliciously prepared local dishes and a thriving capital city serving… Read more
  14. Ukraine - History and Culture

    Ukraine - History and Culture

    Modern Ukraine has undergone many transformations to become the country it is today. However, many factors have been prevalent since… Read more
  15. Adventures in Education

    Adventures in Education

    When most people think about studying abroad, Ukraine, one of Europe’s largest countries, probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind. But… Read more
  16. Kiev and The Orthodox Church

    Kiev and The Orthodox Church

    Kiev, the capital and largest city in Ukraine, has a significant role in the history and tradition of the Orthodox… Read more
  17. Kiev – Hero City

    Kiev – Hero City

    Kiev, Ukraine carries the honorary title of Hero City. For those who are not familiar with it, the term Hero… Read more
  18. Dynamo Kiev

    Dynamo Kiev is a soccer club based in Kiev, Ukraine. The team has never been relegated out of the top… Read more
  19. Kyiv: Important For Two Millennia

    When the Norsemen began their assault on civilization near the end of the Seventh Century, Kyiv was already a thriving… Read more
  20. Kiev Weather

    Kiev Weather

    Traveling to the Ukraine's beautiful capital of Kiev can be an exciting adventure, but with the variable Kiev weather, it… Read more