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Kiev in Autumn

As we leave the summer heat behind, fresh crisp air blows through the beautifully colored foliage so peculiar to autumn. Fall is an ideal time to be in Kiev. The sun continues to shine and the temperature is still warm enough to enjoy beautiful walks in the parks and gardens of the capital.

For starters, you can go for a walk in the large and well known Grishko Park. There is a lot of place to wander around and the rich variety of plants make the peculiar colors and smells of autumn even more enjoyable. And if it happens to be cold, the park is always running a small café where you can keep warm and drink some hot tea. An alternative to the park is the Fomin Botanical Garden in Pechersk. There are many shops, beautiful lawns and alleys. It's a very beautiful place, especially in autumn. On warmer days, adventure yourself in the area surrounding the St Sophia Cathedral. Admission costs a few cents but you'll safely enjoy a nice walk in an unusually beautiful part of Kiev. If you go near the St Michael's monastery, swing by Volodymyr's Park. It's often not crowded and it's a great opportunity to relax outdoors. Many Kyivites and tourists enjoy walking on the promenade and taking a ride on the funicular. It's a wonderful alternative to the usual forms of transportation. Not too far, near the Dynamo stadium you'll find the Mariinsky park. It's a favorite of many couples and it's particularly beautiful in autumn. In the evening, when the lights are on there's an extraordinary atmosphere, really worth a walk and you'll find the Gorchitsa Café on Pylypa Orlyka Street — a true gem in the Kiev restaurant scene. From there you could top of the evening with a walk to the Lover's Bridge and cross over to the Dniper Park.

Andrew's Descent is also inviting on this unusually beautiful time of year. You can climb the stairs to the observation deck where you can get a panoramic view the city and appreciate the stunning landscapes. Needless to say that there's no need to go to a particular park to enjoy a walk, you can simply walk through the streets of Podil district. At this time of year many people like to walk in this area. It often referred to as Old Kiev and boasts numerous places with historical importance. Not only is it rich in history, but also very beautiful. It's a great place to stroll through the autumn foliage and take advance of the last warm days. And of course, if we're talking about places to go on a walk in Kiev in autumn, we have to mention the National Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life in the Pyrohiv village. Located on the outskirts of Kiev, this is a spacious area where you learn much about the history of Kiev and Ukraine.

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