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Kiev – CineCity!

Kiev is the City of Cinema. Five major annual film festivals are held in Kiev in addition to numerous smaller film events. Sixteen movie theaters of all sizes and genres attend to literally every cinematographic taste. So, if you are a film amateur and happen to stay in Kiev for some time, you will likely have the chance to live out your passion at least once.

The Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival is probably the most important celebration of cinema in Kiev. It started out as a two-day event organized by students of the cinematography department of Kyiv State Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1970. In October of this year, Kiev will see its 42nd edition, a week-long fest in the form of a competition with international participation and a broad non-competition program that features discussion rounds and master classes by renowned filmmakers from all over the world. Molodist is devoted to discovering young and unknown talents, so it's highly possible that you'll watch the debut work of a future icon in the film business.

Then there is Docudays UA, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival in Kiev. The relatively young event has been brought to life only in 2003, and is usually held during the last week of March. The festival's objective is to bring ethical and social issues into the public light. The competition allows only non-fictional works while the non-competition program may also include fictional productions as long as they deal with controversial topics such as human rights and dignity, ethical issues and political mischief. Accompanying workshops, debates, and exhibitions are furthermore designed to provoke, inspire, and enlighten the public.

If you are a fan of animated movies, the KROK International Animated Films Festival is just the right thing for you! Jointly organized by Russia and Ukraine, the festival takes place on a boat that alternately cruises on the Volga between St. Petersburg and Moscow and on the Dnieper between Kiev and Odessa. The event lasts between 10 and 12 days. Next to the competition, socializing and having fun together make up a very important part of the cruise.

Those who like short films will get their money's worth with the New Vision International Film Festival. Shorts of all genres can take part in the competition, and winners are chosen by the public after being nominated by a jury. The range of prizes illustrates the festivals focus on innovation and imagination: there are awards for best film, best director, best screenplay, best idea, best cinematography, best sound/music, and best experimental film. The first edition of this event took place in 201. It is held in spring (March/April).

Another highlight of the Ukrainian film calendar is the Kyiv International Film Festival. Serving foremost educational purposes and the development of Ukrainian cinematography by popularizing international masterpieces, the festival's organizers achieve to provide more favorable conditions for Ukrainian filmmakers. First held in 2009 and also taking place in October, the Kyiv International Film Festival might soon become a serious rival to Molodist.

Let's not forget the many film events that take place throughout the year. In January, there's the French Film Festival, in the course of which new French movies are brought to Ukraine and shown with Ukrainian subtitles in the country's biggest cities. And places like Art Club 44 regularly screen art house films. So when in Kiev, just look out for one of the various film events. You'll most certainly find something that suits your taste.

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