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Art in Kiev

Kiev has got a very lively art scene. Over 70 art museums and galleries offer everything an art lover could possibly want. The city is undoubtedly the cultural heart of Ukraine and looks back on an age-long tradition of arts of any kind, whether it be architecture, paintings, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, tapestry, and more recently photography, video and life installations.

The following is only an abstract of the wide choice you have when looking for art and culture in Kiev. By no means can it do justice to the rich variety of cultural offerings you'll find in Kiev. It's a mere list of the most popular art spots in the city and completely subject to personal taste.

The ARTEast Gallery (13, Reytarskaya St.) is definitely worth a visit. It is considered one of the best galleries in the whole country. Located in a former prestigious ballet and opera studio it displays classical and contemporary art, socialist realism and folk art by exclusively well-established, often prize-winning Ukrainian artists.

The Bereznitkiy Gallery (22, Rybalska St) only presents the work of the best and most famous of contemporary Ukrainian artists. It was founded in 1994 by Ukrainian art historian and critic Ludmila Bereznitsky, and in 2006 the gallery opened a second department in Berlin, Germany, to spark the interest of Western Europeans for the lively but neglected art scene in Eastern Europe and especially Ukraine.

The Da Vinci Gallery (85–87, Krasnoarmyiska St) is Kiev's most renowned sculpture gallery.

The Gallery 36 (36, Andriyivsky uzviz) displays a combination of sculptures and paintings by uniquely European artists. Situated on one of Kiev's most popular streets, the gallery attracts many art enthusiasts.

The RA Gallery (32b, B. Khmelnytskoho St) is a modern art gallery presenting paintings, photography, and sculptures. It uses all kinds of modern technology, such as video, internet and multimedia for its many different and unique exhibitions.

The PinchukArtCentre (2, Baseina St) is the first Ukrainian contemporary art center and among the largest of Eastern Europe. Works of both famous international and local artists are displayed on nearly 28 000 sq. ft of exhibition space equipped with the newest presentation technologies.

The Kiev National Museum of Russian Art (9, Tereshchenkivska St) was founded in 1922 under the name of Kiev Art Gallery. As the name suggests, works of all genres from almost all former Soviet republics are displayed.

The National Art Museum of Ukraine (6, Hrushevskoho St) is one of the oldest and largest museums of the country. Over 40 000 exhibits by international and local artists covering over a thousand years of history demonstrate the development of art in Ukraine.

When it comes to art, there is so much more to see in Kiev that it is just impossible to mention all the places worth seeing. However, we hope this is something you can start from get a taste of Ukraine's art scene.

By the way, since its inaugural edition in 2006, Kiev has hosted an annual art fair – Art Kyiv Contemporary. In 2010, 30 galleries displayed over 200 works in the museum complex Mystetskyi Arsenal, the vast majority of which were by Ukrainian artists. Over 35 000 visitors went to see spectacular exhibitions and attended lectures, performances, workshops, movie screenings and much more.

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